Please Be Praying For … July 17, 2016

NEW THIS WEEK: Kay Nichols (knee surgery 7/18),
THOSE WITH CANCER: Roy Catlett, Steve Lax, David Rains, Sumiko Robinson, Larry Soule, Larry Askew (liver cancer, brother of Billy Askew), Jan Bodisco-Masinc (ovarian cancer, friend of McKinney family), Bob Burchette (bladder cancer, Julie Smith’s father), James Larry Hall (cancer, friend of Wanda Stutts), Melissa Hedrick (breast cancer, Michelle Lowe’s sister), Clark Jenkins (cancer surgery, father of Rusty Smith’s fiancé), Ruth Kissinger (cancer, Sharon Crist’s mother), Jorge Lagueruela (multiple myeloma, friend of Norman & Denise Askew), Mason Lasco (leukemia, great-nephew of Sharon Crist), Bill Mullis (Blain Alwran’s uncle), Glen Murray (cancer, Sharon Crist’s brother), Kenneth Murray (Sharon Crist’s father), Amber Nash (cancer, Elizabeth Terrell’s cousin), Steve Nash (cancer, Elizabeth Terrell’s cousin), Brooks Norris (throat cancer, Margaret Shaw’s brother), George Roberts (previous AUMC member), John Saunders (throat cancer, Beulah Darr’s grandson’s uncle), Jack Welch (cancer, friend of Tim & Debbie Kennedy), Jim Workman (stomach cancer, Naomi Smith’s brother)
OTHERS: Kerma Hammer (hip replacement 7/5), Don Miller, Naomi Smith (knee surgery 6/21), Lewis Stroud, Ernestine Wilkes (knee surgery 7/11), Margaret Adams (Dialysis, Aliene Soule’s sister), Shirley Brown (macular degeneration, mother of Wanda Stutts), Elly Durham (birth defects, granddaughter of friends of Kathy Brown), Garrett Foster (health issues, friend of Krpejs family), Josh Hill (auto accident/paralyzed, friend of Michael Felder), Howell Hunter (health issues, Mylanda Ross’ father), Jacob Kimball (Hirschprung Disease, 10-month-old great-grandson of Sally Hord), Brian Krpejs (Eric Krpejs’ dad), Dan McAnally, Mildred Phillips (Alzheimer’s, Jackie Stroud’s sister), Nick Simonenko, Clell Smith (brother-in-law of Norma Smith), Scott Tims (Guillain Barré syndrome, friend of Teresa Wood), Helen Weaver (pelvic fractures & Temporal Arteritis, Jackie Stroud’s sister), Ruthann Wood (multiple health issues, friend of Donna Reid),
AUMC HOMEBOUND: Charles Allen, Catherine Cole, Peggie Cronham, Debbie Dean, Charles & Zula Dobbins, Anna Lee Edwards, Alice Flynt, Mandy Forrester, Mary Lou Hines, Lois Lassiter, Annie Loflin, Cleota Metzler, Betty Roach, Jackie Sheeley, Mary Jean Smith, Betty Warren, Lois Welborn

Please pray for those serving our country:

Logan Brinkley, Ian Burley, Heath Burrow, Matt Cain, David Flinchum, Dylan Fling, Alec Gardner, Avery Hazelwood, Richard Ivy, Dylan Jones, Jake Lawrence, Marcus McKeregan, Aaron Parker, Daulton Rogers, Eric Schneider, Joel Summerlin, Nicholas White, Timmy White, Zack Willey

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