Please be praying for… December 17, 2017

NEW THIS WEEK:  David Gates (experiencing pain from past surgeries), Janet Jordan (surgery, Niece of Rosa Allred), James Stanley (surgery on 12/13/17)

THOSE WITH CANCER: Dianne Catlett, Donnie Finch, Steve Lax, Brenda Proctor, David Rains, Samantha Adams Berden (cancer-friend of Catherine Fulcher),  Bonitia Beshears (Teresa Wood’s cousin), Beth Watson Bilka (friend of Kathy Brown), Chris Blackwell (friend of Steve Stutts), Jan Bodisco-Masinc (friend of McKinney family), Ashley Gentry Boyle (daughter of Chuck & Marsha Gentry),Tamara Carroll (friend of Wanda Stutts), Dale Floyd (friend of Askews), Nancy Fulp (Teresa Wood’s aunt), Cathie Gardner (mother of Shannon Moser), Janet Hill (cancer, friend of Wanda Stutts), Johnny Hopkins (lung cancer), Greg Johnson (son of Art & Dot Johnson), Kyler Jones (local 5-yr-old boy w/ brain tumor), Jon Kay (cancer-friend of Sharon Crist), Ruth Kissinger (Sharon Crist’s mother), Mason Lasco (great-nephew of Sharon Crist), Larry Martin (Michelle Lowe’s uncle),  Bill Mullis (Blain Alwran’s uncle), Galen Murray (Sharon Crist’s brother),  Steve Nall (brother of Nita Coltrane), Brooks Norris (Margaret Shaw’s brother), Bill Sprinkle (cancer, Brother n law of John & Mary Kidd & Rebecca’s Uncle), Margaret Stephenson (previous AUMC member)

OTHERS: Margaret Bass (surgery 12/4), Greg Forrester (Kindred Hospital), Sally Hord, Priscilla Simonenko (surgery 11/30), Hannah Smith, Megan Smith, Leonard Stroud, Ernestine Wilkes (11-27 surgery)  Shay Black (rehab-friend of Libby McGavic), Howell Hunter (Mylanda Ross’ father), Randy Johnson (health issues, friend of the Kidd family),  Brian Krpejs (Eric Krpejs’ dad), Betty Lambeth (stroke, Ronnie Hines sister) Kenneth Murray (surgery-Sharon Crist’s father), Mildred Phillips (Alzheimer’s/Pruitt Healthcare, Jackie Stroud’s sister), Kooper Setzer (hydrocephalus, baby of a friend of Sharon Crist), Elizabeth Simonenko (Ulcerative Colitis-Priscilla & Nick Simonenko’s granddaughter),Nick Simonenko, Jennifer Stacy (surgery-Debbie Kennedy’s co-worker), Kay Thomas (AFIB, Peter Thomas Grandmother), Sonja Thomas (mother of Tina McKinney), Helen Weaver (health issues, Jackie Stroud’s sister),

AUMC HOMEBOUND: Debbie Dean, Charles & Zula Dobbins, Alice Flynt, Mandy Forrester, Charlie Game, Mary Lou Hines, Susie Knotts, Annie Loflin, Don Miller, Betty Roach, Jackie Sheeley,  Mary Jean Smith, Larry Soule, Betty Warren, Lois Welborn, Iris York

 Please pray for those serving our country:

Logan Brinkley, Ian Burley, Matt Cain, Spencer Dyson, David Flinchum, Alec Gardner, Avery Hazelwood, Joseph Hennessey, Ginniffer Hobbs, Richard Ivy, Dylan Jones, Jake Lawrence, Marcus McKeregan, Aaron Parker, Daulton Rogers, Eric Schneider, Joel Summerlin, Zack Willey

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